Bespoke Chamber Furnaces

18 Oct Bespoke Chamber Furnaces

Bespoke Chamber Furnaces

We offer a bespoke design and manufacture service here at Vecstar. We can produce any size chamber ranging from 0.2 litres to over 2000 litres, with maximum working temperatures as high as 1800°c.

Ultra ‘high grade’ insulation materials are used to ensure our bespoke chamber furnaces are as energy efficient as possible, to provide excellent uniformity and temperature control.

With an industrially durable design and long lasting powder coated finish, our bespoke chamber furnaces are robust and will stand the test of time.

Independent over-temperature protection is available as an option, using a digital alarm working from a separate thermocouple, safeguarding both the furnace or any furnace contents from over-heat damage at any temperature.

Vecstar’s bespoke chamber furnaces are supported by a wide range of equipment and extras such as RS 232, RS 485 comms, pneumatic rising doors, controlled either by button or foot pedal, digital controllers, programmers, chart recorders, automatic loading facilities, multiple heated zones and furnace tables, for more information click here.

Bespoke chamber furnaces we have produced in the past include rising hearth furnaces, top loading furnaces and large aerospace furnaces conforming to NADCAP (AMS 2750D) requirements.

We design and build in house so if you have a bespoke requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our in-house experts and CAD design team are on hand to assist you and will complete your project through consultancy, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing support.

Full training and ongoing support is offered as standard and we promise the best possible service.

Available in the UK, USA and Worldwide directly through Vecstar or through our approved distributors.

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