At Vecstar we have a superior range of furnaces available in a range of models and suited to a range of usage cases. We have chamber furnaces, tube furnaces, ovens and hot plates as well as accessories and spares.

Laboratory Furnaces

Laboratory furnaces are expected to have accurate temperature controls, superb uniformity and unparalleled after service to keep the lab running at all times. At Vecstar we help laboratories of all sizes find a furnace to suit their specific needs.

Annealing Furnaces

Annealing furnaces are specifically designed for use in lab conditions to change the properties of samples. They have full operator temperature control and are vacuum tight to ensure no contamination of samples or atmospheric interference.

Creep Furnaces

Creep furnaces maintain temperatures to incredible accuracy and are used to test batches of materials, often in aerospace or automotive sectors. Tests can be done in isolation or performed over a prolonged period to test a material to destruction.

For any advice or guidance on our laboratory furnace products contact us today.

Chamber Furnaces
Tube Furnaces
Ovens & Hot Plates

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